AJ Quadrata font poster

AJ Quadrata

released 2020‑02‑13
Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Armenian
AJ Quadrata font poster

Unlike most existing Blackletter typefaces, AJ Quadrata does not imitate a historical Textura font, but rather the handwriting style that came before.

AJ Quadrata ligatures and contextual alternates

OpenType features make it possible for the letters to change form in context. The aim of AJ Quadrata is to reproduce the Textura Quadrata hand more faithfully than ever by utilizing the technological advance that happened since first Blackletter fonts were designed and crafted back in the 15th century.

AJ Quadrata is great for branding and logos.

AJ Quadrata is delivered as two fonts that differ with the default forms of some letters. AJ Quadrata Medieval sports an uncial H, an angular form of O, and an F with descender, forms that were prevalent in historical source texts. The default cut of the typeface replaces these with a roman H, an all-rounded O, and a short F, alternates that are more easy on the contemporary eye but still authentic to the style, though less common in the samples.

AJ Quadrata font has historical and modern letterform alternates.

Both flavors of the typeface feature two versions of E: the round form is default for the Latin, but the angular was chosen for the Cyrillic to accomodate the Ukrainian language that also uses a separate letter Є.

AJ Quadrata has Cyrillic suited for Ukrainian.

Besides an accurate digitization of the Textura Hand, AJ Quadrata also includes an imitated Blackletter Cyrillic, Greek and Armenian.

AJ Quadrata font supports localized Bulgarian Cyrillic forms.

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