released 3 May 2019
last updated 1 Jan 2020

Unique solutions combining refined leaf-resembling stems with graceful teardrop terminals give Aromatron an even, dark color while preserving good legibility. This warm, friendly stencil typeface supports most Latin-based orthographies plus the International Phonetic Alphabet.

The font features lining and old-style proportional figures, subscript, superscript and ordinal forms. The capitals come with contextual swash alternates. Besides small and petite caps, a third set of medium caps is introduced. Petite cap glyphs compose well with regular lowercase and are employed by stylistic sets for a unicase effect or compact typesetting.

As an extra, the font provides a selection of typographic ornaments and dingbats, also encoded in a separate Aromatron Ornaments font.

The User’s Manual helps to navigate through Aromatron’s robust set of OpenType features.

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