Aromatron font poster


released 2019‑05‑03
updated 2021‑01‑07
Aromatron is a glamorous, supple dark stencil font inspired by plants and coffee beans.

Unique solutions combining refined leaf-resembling stems with graceful teardrop terminals give Aromatron an even, dark color while preserving good legibility. This warm, friendly stencil typeface supports most Latin-based orthographies plus the International Phonetic Alphabet.

The font features lining and old-style proportional figures, subscript, superscript and ordinal forms. The capitals come with contextual swash alternates. Besides small and petite caps, a third set of medium caps is introduced. Petite cap glyphs compose well with regular lowercase and are employed by stylistic sets for a unicase effect or compact typesetting.

Aromatron font works out great in all caps, all lowercase or mixed case.

As an extra, the font provides a selection of typographic ornaments and dingbats, also encoded in a separate Aromatron Ornaments font.

The Aromatron font is great for logotypes.

Fun fact: Aromatron is a purely display typeface, but it supports the International Phonetic Alphabet including proper mark attachment. I’m weird like that.

Aromatron includes the phonetic alphabet.

The User’s Manual helps to navigate through Aromatron’s robust set of OpenType features.

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