Slowglass font poster


released 2021‑02‑25
Latin, Cyrillic, Greek
Slowglass typeface poster

Slowglass is geometric semi-serif typeface with softly rounded edges and triangular wedge serifs, accompanied by flamboyant geohumanist italics.

The typeface was originally released in 2017 as a unicase design, (very) vaguely inspired by the uncial script, with most of the letters taking the form traditionally considered lowercase. Since then, the family was completely redrawn and expanded with darker weights, italics, and most importantly, full-fledged capital letters. I strayed from the unicase tendencies towards a more regular design for the main cut, but the original idea informed the alternate forms available as stylistic sets and in a separate Slowglass Alt subfamily. I also included text alternates and a text cut for increased legibility.

The fonts support extended Latin, Cyrillic and polytonic Greek.

Slowglass Regular and Black, upright and italic, including text alternates for letters a and g and unicase  aternates for letters f, r and t. Short phrases set in various weights of the Slowglass font family. Comparison of the Slowglass sub-families: standard, Slowglass Text and Slowglass Alt. Overview of Slowglass weights. Slowglass ampersand in context. James Bond movie title “The World Is Not Enough” recreated with Slowglass.

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