Tektur font poster


released 2020‑12‑17
Latin, Cyrillic, Greek
Tektur — a cool blocky font with a futuristic techy vibe about it.

Tektur is a constructed sans-serif font featuring octagonal outlines and rectangular counters. This rudimentary principle is applied where rounds are typically found, but most of the diagonals are left intact which helps preserve good readability and a familiar stance. The x-height is set high and ascenders are aligned with the cap height allowing for compact typesetting.

The Tektur static font family comprises three widths (Tight, Narrow, normal) in 6 weights (Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, Black), giving a wide design range useful for many applications. The variable version has width locations renamed (Condensed, SemiCondensed, Normal) for compliance with Google recommendations.

Tektur font — stylistic set 01: round A Tektur font — stylistic set 02: seriffed C G S Tektur font — stylistic set 03: round C G S Tektur font — stylistic set 04: wide M Tektur font — stylistic set 05: simple L Tektur is a chamfered, octagonal sans-serif typeface. Tektur at its widest has similar advance widths across weights. Tektur font supports extended Cyrillic. Tektur font supports monotonic Greek. Digits and symbols of the Tektur font in context. Tektur is an angular sans that can be used for logos or credits. Cross-section of weights and widths of the Tektur variable font.

Even though I don’t think of it in such terms (I’m not American, is that why?), Tektur can be included in the athletic / sports / fraternity / college font genre. With a wide range of styles, it can be useful though in many other applications like movie titles, logos, ads. And it’s 100% free!

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